Useful Tips on Improving Your Hideouts in Path of Exile

A lot of features have been added to Path of Exile before the awakening expansion came out. Grinding Gear Games keep the game fresh continually while maintaining free-to-play status online, and doesn’t seem like easily. However, with a loyal player base that has kept coming back for more, there is so much work to do. One of those additions is the Hideouts inclusion, which gives each player his/her own personal town of sorts.

This Hideouts allows players to have an area their character can call home. Aside from offering storage for their POE Currency, Hideouts are also integral to the masters system introduced by the update. These new NPCs take up residence in a player’s Hideout while offering their unique services.

A Hideout

As an integral part of the Master system, players can acquire a Hideout through these special NPCs. Once a master reaches level 3, he or she will offer the character his or her Hideout. From that point on, the character can use the Hideout their own. Players can travel to their haven through its own waypoint. Note that the tileset for each Hideout fits the theme of the master tied to it.

Initially, only the player and all his characters in the same league can access the Hideout. However, access to friends, party members and guildmates can be granted. A Hideout can hold a maximum of 32 players at a time.

Aside from storing items, Hideouts also house masters. Without any expansions, a Hideout can house only two of these special NPCs. However, when the latter reaches levels six and eight, the Hideout can be upgraded to hold three or four masters respectively. The masters also offer decorations that can be placed in the Hideout. These are “bought” using Favor. Like with the Hideout, each master has decorations that fir his or her theme.

Modifying Your Hideout

Perhaps the most important part of Hideouts is the ability to modify, sell, and buy Path of Exile Currency from masters. When a character talks to a master in his or her hideout, they will be allowed to place that master’s Crafting Bench. The latter often allows players to modify items similar to using Path of Exile Orbs. The benches masters use level up along with them. As the levels go higher, the more options it will have. Note that guests in a Hideout cannot use the owner’s Crafting Benches.

You can move and rotate them when editing, so you can have control over how you want your hideout to look. In either your hideout or in towns, you can purchase decorations for Favour from masters. After making it look right, you can let other players visit your hideout by having them right-click on your name and selecting “Visit Hideout”. They can take time to appreciate your efforts in making your hideout reflect.

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